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First attempt - Pass

Alex took his practical test on 2nd October and passed on his first attempt with only 1 x minor! An excellent result! Well done.

Alex says.................
My parents were very happy with my pass. Learning to drive with 'UDrive-Safe' was made easy and enjoyable due to the great instruction from Colin. I was able to learn at my own pace and each lesson was always interesting and different. 
Thank You.

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v on 22 April 2019 12:59
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uk essay service on 27 April 2019 04:54
This took my back to my high school days years ago. Living in a farm, I learned to drive the lawn mover at eight years old and the tractor at 12 years old. Of course, this is with the supervision of either my father or one of my uncles when we were out in the farm. My father also taught me how to drive with a stick shift. We had a fairly big open space, so it was my playground - a place to practice driving without other cars and pedestrians around. By the time I was 16 and ready for my driving test, it was practically a breeze - the driving part at least. The written test is a different matter because you have to memorize traffic signs, road signs, etc. It is good to attend a driving class because some things are not just taught on the farm.
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