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Test Success

Callum passed his practical driving test 
on 20th November 2018 with only 2 x driving faults! This was his first attempt !

Well Done Callum!

Callum was overjoyed with his success and couldn't wait to broadcast his achievement on facebook!
Think he was pleased!

Test Success

Sean passed his practical driving test on 1st October 2018 with only 1 x driving fault!

Well done to Sean!

Drive safely and good luck with your car purchase!

Test Success

Tasnia passed her practical driving test on 13th August 2018 with few driving faults.

Very well done!

Tasnia says:
Colin helped me to become confident, skilful and safe driver in a short period of time. There was always a goal to achieve each lesson, I felt that I learnt and improved throughout each lesson.
It was very easy to rectify any problem with my driving as I found Colin to be very patient and logical.
I thank Colin for teaching and coaching me to success in a way that was unique to me as everyone is different when it comes to driving!

Test success

Kiera passed her Practical Driving Test on 16th July 2018 with 4 driving faults, this was her first attempt. Very well done !

A very responsive pupil throughout her lessons. Though she had previous instruction, she decided to take a break.

She restarted with more confidence and soon achieved her goal.

Kiera adds:
Colin and I only had a handful of lessons prior to my test. Yet in that short time, I learnt some truly invaluable skills and attitudes towards not only my driving but to other road users. I really thank Colin for his guidance and support and fully recommend him to others.

Test Success

Paige passed her Practical Driving Test on 21st May 2018. Very well done!

A very pleasant pupil who always aimed to 'get it right' first time. She achieved her aim through a good level of self critique and concentration.

Paige adds:
I really enjoyed my lessons and learnt a lot with Colin. He always did his best to make me feel confident, and gave constructive feedback to me when needed.
Colin, not only boosted my confidence and got me to relax, he taught me to drive confidently and safely.

Test success

Liam passed his practical test on 11th June 2018 with only a couple of driving faults.
An excellent result, well done Liam!

A good pupil who improved throughout each lesson. He had his own car and was able to do a good quantity of private tuition hours with his Mum, who should except an amount credit for his success.

Look after your car Liam, and UDrive-Safe!

Test success

Ciaran passed his practical test on 23rd May 2018. This was his first attempt and he passed with only 1 driving fault.

An excellent result from a pupil who not only constantly showed improvement throughout each lesson, but was also a pleasure to teach. Very well done!

Ciaran added:
Learning with Colin was a great experience. I learnt how to be a safe driver operating the controls smoothly and effectively and to always aim for perfection in my driving. Any driving mistakes/errors were quickly explained and rectified .

Test success

Robert passed his practical driving test on 20th March 2018, this was his first attempt - well done!
A very responsive pupil, though initially nervous he soon settled into the subjects and started to produce good results.
A pleasure to teach this guy and to witness the increase in his confidence throughout each lesson.

Robert says:
First impressions of Colin was great! I was nervous and had no faith in my driving ability. Colin guided and coached me so that I didn't rush routines and he always helped me correct my faults.

Test success

Ram passed his practical driving test on 31st January 2018 on his first attempt.
Well done Ram!!

Though Ram had previously driven in India for 9 years, he soon learnt that he needed to assess his routines and style to become a safe driver in the UK.
After a series of lessons, he developed his skills and achieved his aim on his first test attempt.

Ram says:
I am very pleased to pass my driving test, Colin was so patient with me and I enjoyed learning new skills from him.

I am thankful of Colin and fully recommend him to others.

Test success

James passed his practical driving test on 16th January 2018.
This was his first attempt, and had no minor faults at all - an excellent result !
Well done to James!!

A very methodical pupil who consistently improved with each lesson to achieve a high standard of driving.
James was a complete pleasure to teach, well motivated and very willing to achieve.

James says:
I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Colin, his patience and knowledge shone through at all times.
I feel that not only have I been taught to drive, I have developed to become a safe and confident driver.

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