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The DSA Driving Practical Test

Once you have passed your two part Theory Test, you can start preparing for and book  your practical driving test.

The Driving practical test consists of the following -
  • The eyesight check -
You will need to read the number plate of a parked vehicle to the examiner to prove your sight is fine
  • Vehicle Safety Questions -
These are known as 'Show Me - Tell Me' questions. Designed to check the pupils' knowledge of basic car safety.  You will be asked to explain your answer to a question and also show the examiner how you would carry out a check or adjustment.
  • The Driving Ability Test -
During this test, your examiner will give you driving directions to follow. You will drive in various road and traffic conditions. You should drive and maintain your awareness of the highway code and traffic regulations, driving safely and not to cause any serious or dangerous hazard to other road users. During this test the pupil will be asked to perform a manoeuvre and may also be requested to perform a controlled stop.
  • Independent Driving - using Sat Nav/preset directions
During this phase, your examiner will assess your ability to drive safely whilst making independant decisions on your direction and actions in new traffic situations during your route to the selected destination.
This phase will last about 20 mins. You will not be supervised, and you will need to ensure that you make safe decisions without guidance or prompting.
'U Drive Safe'!
  • Pass marks for the DSA Driving Practical Test -  
The examiner will use the following marking system to assess the pupil:
  1. Driving Fault            (Minor)
  2. Serious Fault           (Potentially Dangerous)     
  3. Dangerous Fault     (Actually Dangerous)            
To achieve a PASS, the pupil is allowed to make up to a maximum of 15 Driving faults (minor).
A  Fail result will be more than 15 Driving faults, 1 x Serious or 1 x Dangerous fault as noted by the examiner.
Once you have passed your test - Congratulations!
You can start to drive on the road without supervision legally - ensuring that you adhere to the current Vehicle and Insurance requirements and stay up to date.