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About your Driving Course
To learn to drive on the public highway/roads, you must be of a minimum age of 17 years and you should be in possession of a valid UK provisional licence issued by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency)
Applying for a Driving Licence
To apply for a driving licence, you must ensure that you meet the following criteria:
  • Be a resident of Great Britain
  • Meet the minimum age requirement
  • Meet the minimum eyesight requirement (Read a new style no plate at 20.5m)
  • Not currently prevented from driving
  • Can pay £50
  • Have a valid passport or other form of identity
  • Can provide address history of where you have lived for the past 3 years.
For application detail, go to the 'useful links page'
Your Driving Course is presented in manageable stages
Every pupil will learn at a different pace due to previous learning experiences, the method of learning, and physical co-ordination ability.
There are many reasons why people learn at a different rate. Your instructor will manage the pace and content ensuring that learning takes place during each lesson.
The following are some of the topics that will be covered throughout your course:
  • The Driver
  • The Driver and the Law
  • The Controls
  • Mirrors, their type and use
  • Starting to Drive
  • Traffic Signs
  • On the Road - Dual carriageways, A & B roads
  • Dealing with Junctions
  • Reversing
  • Defensive Driving
  • All weather Driving
  • Driving at Night
  • Basic Car Maintenance
The specific order will be set by your instructor and will be dependent on both your residential area and the local area where training is carried out.